martes, 15 de octubre de 2013

More images now available with Pro Tel

More images now available with Pro Tel

Telnic have just increased the number of images that can be added to a Pro Tel site as follows:-

1. An increase in the number of allowed images ads in the desktop TelProxy from

a. Top – Increases from 2 to 6

b. Right - Increases from 5 to 6

c. Bottom – Increases from 5 to 6

2. An Increase in the maximum dimension on smartphone image ads from the current 300x150px to a more standard 4:3 ratio of 300x225px. This will have no effect on images currently being used as smartphone image ads (unless the actual dimensions are 4:3 in which case they will be displayed in more appropriate dimensions)

Great News.
Start making your  Image Galleries now!!  I'm testing mine at

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