miércoles, 18 de abril de 2012

Telpages search

Can someone help me understand exactly which fields, which data in a Tel is actually searched when a user hits the button on my Tel?

Telpages searches the Title, Text Header and Keywords. It doesn't currently search contact records. It does search through Sub-domains, but only if they are linked to the "root" (home) .tel. If you create a subdomain that is not linked then it will not be found by Telpages.

linked to or linked from the root? Please clarify as what happens with hidden subdomains that are not linked from the root but from another subdomain on same domain?

Telpages crawls from the root. If there is a path from there to the subdomain then it will find it. If it is completely "orphaned" then it will not be indexed.

Yes, it is correct.
Proof is at 7seas.mytown.tel

But, TelPages indexed only 3 pages from mytown.tel over a period of 9 months whereas Google has searched much more than that during the same period.

So, how can we expect the TelPages to be in the forefront of the .tel search?

TelCP, if there are any more than those 3 pages with content which Telpages does index then please let me know and we'll investigate.

Every page that I've checked in the Google search results has been empty apart from ads. As an end- user I'd be happier with Telpages which is only returning pages with content.

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