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Telmasters Newsletter

Telmasters Newsletter

This is a very brief newsletter to keep you informed of continued developments at Telmasters. Actually, we have been maintaining our blog with information such as new video support and RSS feeds.

Premium generic domain names are prized properties. June 5 will be a very big day in the .tel world when many premium .tel domains that were registered three years ago will drop. In fact, tomorrow shows a large number of newer generics and phrases becoming available. Last month, in a surprise move, a few premium generics dropped early (eg,

Our statistics show that several hundred top quality names and phrases are available right now, with at least 1,300 premium and geo names dropping in June. You can be ready for the big day with our new research list and tool which is documented at

As always, we continue to support the Telosphere with our many free and low-cost tools.

Best Regards,

Mark Kolb

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