lunes, 6 de febrero de 2012

Los dominios .tel en finlandés y en turco

Hyvää päivää (hello*) and Hoşgeldiniz (welcome) to Finnish and Turkish .tel pages

In line with recent partnerships and developments, we’re pleased to say that we updated the .tel service today so that Finnish and Turkish are now both supported on the proxy page. This brings the number of languages that will automatically translate key information such as headers and actions (i.e. all information that is systematically chosen rather than free text or user-defined content) to 15.

With customers in 181 countries, from Aruba to Yemen, .tel is a truly international service, and we’ll continue to add further language support as usage increases around the world. However, with all of the top 10 most-used languages covered off, accounting for over 1.6 billion internet users, there shouldn’t be a problem of information getting lost in translation when visiting a .tel today.

*Andrew Kolchoogin informs us that Hyvää päivää is actually closer to ‘good afternoon’ than ‘hello’ – thanks for the information, I guess someone needs to update Wikipedia

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