miércoles, 31 de agosto de 2011

TELcp una ayuda muy importante para los dominios .tel

La principal funcionalidad de TELcp es que cada pagina puede tener un usuario y password diferente, por lo que un dominio puede ser actualizado por muchos usuarios. teniendo cada uno solo acceso a su parte.
Hi to All,

A touch optimized version of TELcp has been completed successfully.
However, due to lack of functionality in certain web technologies at present, few functions of the current version have been modified.

Our next version will be touch optimized for handheld devices (across multiple platforms) as well as for desktops and hoping to release sometime during August (exact date depends on beta testing duration) with multi language selections.

.tel is looking good.
Just to let you guys know that we will try our best to release the Mobile version of TELcp (With TELcpV3.0 Beta) sometime during the next week. We have a fully functional mobile version at hand but needs little bit more tweaking for the low end touchscreen/smart phones (latest multiple OS/platforms but having low memory at least 256 MB) as they have become very popular globally.

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