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El pay-per-call tiene que ser vital para los dominios .tel

RingRevenue Pay-Per-Call Ringing Up Great Performance in 2011


Coming off of a successful Affiliate Summit and LeadsCon in New York last week, there is a ton of buzz around call performance marketing, pay-per-call and how advertisers and publishers are earning more revenue and more commissions with call-based campaigns. At RingRevenue we are busy keeping pace with the rapid growth in the market and the increasing demand from networks, agencies, advertisers and publishers for call-based campaigns. This month marked the launch of the first of our UK-based partners (Commission Junction UK and Epic Media), bringing pay-per-call programs to UK advertisers and publishers in a big way.

We reported last year that advertisers generated millions in new revenue and that publishers were earning millions in commissions. Since the beginning of this year we've more than doubled the number of partners using our call performance marketing platform and doubled the size of the RingRevenue team. We've also tripled our revenue and more than tripled the number of calls driven to advertisers through the platform over the same period last year and introduced many new features including Loyalty Managment, RingPools, program performance emails, geo-location routing, publisher rankings, campaign syndication, some new APIs and a bunch more.

When it comes to growth, our Customer Development team certainly deserves the credit. Led by Drew Thorne-Thomsen, the team has been training new partners, advertisers and publishers on how to best leverage the platform to generate revenue. At Affiliate Summit and LeadsCon we heard praise from numerous partners and platform users about how RingRevenue team members like Lorelei Curt, Anna Taylor, Greg Resin and Vu Ngo have helped them with optimizing their campaigns, recruiting new advertisers and publishers and defining pay-per-call best practices. Their efforts are paying off in a big way for us and our partners. We appreciate the continued support and all of the great feedback!

Amidst all we have been keeping busy with, we found the time to put together this fun two-minute video that explains what we do at RingRevenue. Check it out.

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