miércoles, 22 de julio de 2015

Internet de las cosas y los dominios .tel

The IOT opens new possibilities for .TEL. For instance, we've partnered with the www.TheWirelessRegistry.com to promote a free wireless profile for each .TEL site, eg
www.thewirelessregistry.com/tel~mark and www.ubi.me/tel~mark (both in BETA)
Eddystone, Google Nearby and physical web beacons are another way TELNIC can partner to provide instant mobile solutions for advertisers in the wireless (IOT) space.
But as you say, we need to have control over templates to some extent. With ubi.me (UbiNames) we plan to introduce a whole suit of contextually-sensitive templates later this year that can tie in wireless (IOT) signal content nicely with .TEL content. That way UbiNames owners can control the look and feel of disseminated content, lessons learned from Telnic.

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