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TelName and Passbooks

Connect your store ... ... with local customers ... through a mobile-friendly TelNames website.
Let us show you how you can market your local business on the internet sign up for a free seminar or call us today!
For less than $100 , TelNames™ gives your business a mobile presence in minutes.
.TEL sites' rankings are actually boosted by Google's "Mobilegeddon" algorithmic search update.
Boost your local awareness by pushing coupons and offers to your customers in real-time.
Our .TEL Network builds affinity within your community through a vast set of local citations.
The power of the TelShops Network comes from myriad links between master TelShops directory sites, associated business web sites and their citations.

Substantial power also comes from the inherent SEO matching built into descriptive keyword "subdomains" like Construction.905.tel, Newmarket.Spas.tel
Each of the 20+ subcategories includes more specific domains for citation links. Business owners may choose multiple categories for greater online exposure.
Check our Pinterest page for examples.
Click to visit our 70+ customer sites.

Order your Telnames from
See how we can help your local
Business Improvement Area (BIA/BID)
through Local Shopping Games
Check for our local coupon offers.
VIDEO: [ Why You Need A Mobile Site ]


To register your domain for local shopping, please contact Mark Kolb via

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