lunes, 24 de noviembre de 2014

Como reducir el back up en los dominios .tel

All backup files contain multiple versions of your .tel to ensure backward compatibility, but you actually only need the latest version, which is version 8.1. If you delete some of the other versions it could as much as halve the file size.

• Open the backup XML file

• On line 2 you should see the 1st version in the tag:

• The bold number above shows you that it is version 6.

• You can delete this whole section, so find the end of the tag which is and delete everything between the two tags. NOTE, you are looking for export and NOT exports

• You will see that the next export tag contains version 7. This can also be deleted as above if you wish, so that your xml only contains versions 8 and

• Save the file as an xml file and restore this new, smaller version

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