lunes, 11 de febrero de 2013

Do you own your digital identity already?

Are you aware in the future everybody will have not only a home address, but an internet address too?
For elder people who don’t spend much time on the internet a postal address is certainly enough.
But what are you going to do if somebody asks you:
  • how you can’t be reached?
  • how he can stay connected to you?
  • where he can get more information about you?
What kind of information will you give that person?
  • Your residence?
  • Your home phone number?
  • Your cell phone number?
  • Your e-mail address like
  • Your Facebook profile?
  • Your Twitter address?
  • Your Skype number?
  • Your AIM, Yahoo or ICQ messenger?
  • Your LinkedIn account?
  • Your YouTube channel?
  • Your domain name?
  • You will say instead: Find me on Google!
  • Or even all together?
I hope you don’t decide to give your contacts a long list with all these specifications.
I was thinking about this question and I couldn’t find any better solution than providing your friends and business partners a .tel domain.
Allowedly .tel domains haven‘t seen their breakthrough yet, but besides a few exceptions what technology had its breakthrough within only a few months?
And is the fact important if .tel domains will be famous in a few years or already today?
If you don’t have a .tel domain, you always have to decide to announce one primary contact channel. This could be Facebook. But does that look professional? And how secure are your data there?
What will be more important to stay in contact: your postal address or your virtual address?
So perhaps you should secure your own virtual home!
Author: TelTalk

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