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Hi to all,

A new service to mask your email addresses on tel pages.

Main site :

Sample Masked web link : - "Mail Box"

How it works : How .tel Mail Box Works

How does an email message get delivered via

1. A visitor to a .tel page, who clicks the web link to which contains the encoded data of the .tel page, arrives at the main page of
2. The encoded data of the web link will be proceessed to check if the .tel page is recorded in the database at and is provided with an email address by it's owner.
3. If an email address is provided by .tel page owner, the visitor will be served with an online contact form to type and send an email message addressed to the addressee of the .tel page.
How does a .tel Owner configure email addresses?
1. A .tel Owner who wishes to provide the services of must sign up as a registered user.
2. Registration is free for any .tel Owner.
3. Add your .tel domain and grant OAuth authentication by selecting the OAuth client "MailBox".
4. Your ownership of the .tel domain will be verified and if successful the database will be populated with .tel page links.
5. You can add more than one .tel domain from the same domain registrar or multiple .tel domains from different domain registrars.
6. Select the .tel page and insert an email address. 
How does a .tel page display more than one email address?
1. An email address created in is unique to a single .tel page.
2. If one needs to display more than one email address on a single .tel page, more folders/sub folders have to be created first.
3. Select independent folders/sub folders to insert their designated email addresses.
4. Insert web links of manually on page by page basis by using CTH or third party service such as TELcp.
5. However, control panel allows only one web link per .tel page

.tel Mail 

Mask your email address on any .tel page
• A .tel page provides a single point of contact for your communication needs.
• Our technique provides an extra layer of privacy for email address on any .tel page.
• Your actual email address will never be exposed to your visitors or web robots.
• Visitors will click the link on the .tel page to send you email.

It's easy and FREE
• You must be an owner of the .tel domain to enable .tel Mail Box.
• Sign up as a .tel Owner to use our FREE services.
• The .tel Mail Box is a fully automated service provided for any .tel page.
• No technical jargon. It's easy to set up. See How it works.


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