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Seasons greetings!

Wishing you a prosperous new year from all of the team at Telnic. Thank you for your continuing support. We look forward to sharing our successes with you in 2011.

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"I consider purchasing a .tel very beneficial for an accountant, an auditor or a tax consultant as this resource is an ideal digital business card with easily accessible structured contact information at no extra cost or time."

Read the full interview with Glavbuh.tel


kash.tel kash.tel

An end of year message from Telnic's CEO

As 2010 draws to a close, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for having been part of the .tel community this year. Still less than two years old, .tel remains unique in the marketplace and it continues to grow in terms of its performance, recognition and industry accolades. Your continued membership of the .tel community is appreciated by all at Telnic.

Read the full message from Kash

Latest news from Telnic

In September's edition of the .telegraph, Ian Bowen-Morris outlined a number of initiatives that would "broaden the reach and take the .tel message deeper into the marketplace."

This month, we're pleased to publicly announce that the Macau Yellow Pages, the official Yellow Pages for Macau for the past 21 years, is the first Yellow Pages organization in Asia to provide .tel to all of its customers. Oscar Sousa Marques, CEO of Directel Macau, said at the time of the announcement, that: "We strongly believe that .tel will enhance our multi-platform strategy and help us provide our clients with increasingly effective ways to target their audiences in Macau and abroad."


To add to this, we're also delighted to report that WebVisible, one of the leading providers of local online marketing software and services in North America, will also provide .tel domains for all of its small business customers.

Presenting at the recent BIA/Kelsey industry conference in San Francisco, which Telnic also attended, Doug LaBahn, executive vice president of product development at WebVisible explained: "With increasing competition for eyeballs online and the need for small businesses to be in as many places as possible in order to be discovered, we believe that .tel will be a significant enhancement for our clients when it comes to the multiple ways in which consumers are accessing local information."

We'll be making more announcements regarding the development of similar relationships within the online advertising and marketing industry to further our goals of adoption and awareness. To read more about these two deals and to keep an eye out for similar announcements during 2011, please visit theMedia area of our website. We will of course, keep you informed about the headlines here in your monthly edition of .telegraph.

Dog collar competition winners


In last month's .telegraph, we ran a competition "win a digital identity for your pet", and gave you the opportunity to win one of Hundeladen's .tel embroidered collars for your dog, along with a one year registration of a .tel.

A big thanks to everybody who entered, and the results are in.
The five winners are:

  • Pippa's owner John tells us that "If she were to stray far from home it would be easy to TEL me on the Dog & Bone to let me know she will no longer roam."
  • Shelley, who owns Lewis (pictured) felt that "I would never have to worry if he had a .tel, anyone could return him to us if he got lost. Our dog Lewis is precious to us. He needs a .tel"
  • In Mexico, Francisco's Blacky has very simple needs – "My dog needs a .tel because he wants to socialize"
  • Jack's owner Chris had many things he felt needed to be stored on his .tel – "He needs to have a permanent secure source for recording all his permanent details including microchip number date of birth kennel club registration vaccination status, pet passport status etc. Additionally temporary information such as weight, any illnesses, special dietary regimes etc would be recorded."
  • Meanwhile Steve's Charlie is certainly keeping up with technology – "He's fast, mobile, friendly, interactive and it would look grrreat on his new iPad"



If your dog was not lucky enough to win this time, Hundeladen is offering a 5% discount on all .tel collars and harnesses from another-kind-of-dogshop.hundeladen.tel.

To claim the discount, please mention the code "telnic-newsletter" when you place your order with them. We hope to promote more great contests next year in the .Telegraph, so let us know if you've got any ideas.


Accountants Unite!

Alexander Rodionov (aka Aleks Frank), is an accountant with 20 years of experience based in Moscow, Russia

Brit Frady-Williams

At first, I just wanted to create a business card in the .me zone with Glavbuh.me (or "Chief Accountant" in Russian which, to my surprise, won the People's Favourite prize in a .me project competition.

However, during the course of the project, I ran into difficulties: lack of time and lack of technical abilities. So the best I could do was create a basic directory of resources. The project still exists and will continue to help me in my work, as it includes links to all the tax-related information resources I need on the Internet. But I wanted more, and that's when I got a .tel.

Project Accountant

I discovered that there are over 8 million accounting specialists in Russia and so I decided to collate one resource with all the information relevant for them, including useful links and contact information. Project Glavbuh.tel (or "chief accountant" in Russian) is built to meet the day-to-day needs of an accountant and includes:

  • Services for auditors and accountants, job search and recruiting resources
  • Best forums on accounting and audits
  • Relevant contact information for government agencies in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities in Russia and the region
  • Tax consultations conducting business outside Russia
  • Links to useful resources on .tel domains, such as USD.tel for exchange rates, or Banki.tel for contact information of various banks
  • Contact details for the project organizers


Directorate of the Federal Pension Fund in Moscow

Postal address and phone numbers for each department and their service area

I would like to use this opportunity to ask the global .tel community to help me build this resource beyond information about Moscow, and into other areas.

The .tel domain can help connect accountants, auditors and tax consultants into a professional network, give them access to new information resources and offer a platform for advertising their services to potential clients, for example, as a virtual accountant's office where specific folders contain information for dedicated customer groups.

Next Steps

In the near future, I am looking to finalize the Chief Accountant project and trial it as a professional social platform. I'd be very grateful to anybody who helps bring together accountants, auditors and tax consultants into a network built on the .tel platform under my Glavbuh.tel, other .tel resources in other areas, as well as traditional websites, if necessary.

As my technical skills are limited, I cannot aggregate feeds from different social networks into one resource, but I can create a platform that will link to all the resources that an accountant needs. The Glavbuh.tel project is suitable for these needs as it loads quickly, is easy to understand and already possesses a number of social-oriented features, including granular privacy control.

It is difficult to make long term plans at this time. The .tel domain is continually improving with new technical features and new application models appearing all the time. .tels are approaching mainstream popularity amazingly quickly, with niche .tel projects springing up in various spheres of life. But that's a different story. Let's wait and see.

If you've got a .tel story that you wish to share, why not get in touch with us at community@telnic.org.

Telnic's Top Ten from 2010

As we near the close of another year, we would like to give special thanks and revisit some of the best resources created by the .tel community in 2010. With hundreds of great resources to choose from, we struggled to shortlist 10 resources — to read up on more of our .tel stories and .tel weekly winners please visit our website.

We hope to hear more of your fantastic stories in 2011.

Talfen.tel VictimSupport.tel
talfen.tel Talfen is the first countrywide .tel directory in Lebanon. To date Talfen has more than 50 business categories, ranging from Airlines, Banks, Travel Agencies, Beaches, Cinemas, Restaurants, Pubs, Night Clubs, Diet Center, Jewellery Designers, and Wedding Services. VictimSupport.tel Victim Support is a UK charity giving free and confidential help to victims of crime, witnesses, their family, friends and anyone else affected. A .tel is a effective way for the charity to store the details of their various offices, as well as their support phone numbers.
IFM.tel MikeTedder.tel
IFM.tel IFM electronic is a leading manufacturer in the automation industry worldwide. The company provides local contact details and addresses for all their offices world-wide. MikeTedder.tel Painter, printmaker Mike Tedder is a multi-media visual artist and photographer. Mike is based in the UK and uses his .tel to advertise his latest exhibitions, Twitter, Facebook, as well all his contact details.
WorkLifeFinancial.tel Nickolay.tel
talfen.tel WorkLife HR, headquartered in Troy, Mich., U.S.A., is a professional employer organization (PEO) that provides administrative solutions to the workplace including human resource management, payroll administration, employment law compliance and benefits services. talfen.tel Nickolay is a businessman from Ukraine specializing in large-diameter pipes. He uses his .tel as a brand and a contact hub to stay in touch with clients and partners. He also uses his .tel in all advertising materials including letterheads, business cards and employee uniforms.
FantasyLeague.tel Nganhang.tel
FantasyLeague.tel If you're a sports fan, fantasy league will be right up your alley. This is a fantasy football resource based on the Barclays English Premier leagues 2010 where you can read up on the fantasy premier league weekly tips and advice.. Nganhang.tel This directory in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, is used to store various contact details for various banks including Citibank, Commonwealth bank, Donga bank as well as many others.
Kravmaga.tel BikeShare.tel
Kravmaga.tel Krav Maga is the Poland's leading school of combat training with over 70 instructors. You can now find your local club and contact the trainer on their .tel! BikeShare.tel Melbourne Bike Share provides bike sharing locations in Melbourne with real-time availability to enable a sustainable, simple and healthy transport option to complement exiting transport services.

Positive Content

Positive content is a non-governmental initiative in Russia which highlights and promote the best resources for children and young people. The competition seeks outstanding online resources developed for a young audience where submissions need to be interesting, useful, and positive. This year, the competition included several new nominations, including "Best project on a .tel domain".

The two winners: "Riddles for kids",http://zagadki.tel and "Sayings and quotations",http://aforizm.tel were both developed by Sergey Timofeev in Krasnoyarsk. Great job, Sergey, and all the best for next year!

Did you know

Sheena Khanna, living the .tel life

Hello everyone! I'm Sheena Khanna, and I've been working for Telnic in London since February. You can find me at Sheenak.tel. Over the past few months I've been using Telpages.com exclusively to find goods, services and activities that my family and I can use.

Sheena Khanna
Flag of France

Today, I'll be basing my search in Paris. I'll be visiting Paris with a few friends in December to celebrate the New Year. This will be my second visit to Paris. My first trip was around 10 years ago, so I'd really like to visit the tourist hotspots again.The Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Champs-Elysées and visiting a opera house are all on my list.

I visit Telpages.com and there are 3 search boxes available to me: who, what and where. To start my search, I type in 'Eiffel Tower' in the 'what' field and 'Paris' under the 'where' field. This search brings back around 30 results. The first one beingeiffel-tower.tel which provides me with the full address, a map of the area and also the website address (http://tour-eiffel.fr/teiffel/uk/), a site that gives me all the information I need to arrange a visit.

Second on my list is the Louvre. After all what's a visit to Paris without the Mona Lisa? So, I type in 'Louvre' under the 'what' field and 'Paris' under the 'where' field.

Blenz Coffee
Flag of France

The first link on the results page is visitingparis.tel. This is a directory, and provides information on various tourist places in Paris, such as museums, castles, shows, shopping and much more. It also provides lots of information on the Louvre, including the official Louvre website, a map of the area, opening times, phone numbers and address.

I'm a huge opera fan, so I'd love to visit one of the big opera houses in Paris. Within the same directory I come across an opera house called Opera Bastille. I click on to their official website and find on the 27th December there's a show called Mathis De Maler.

Last but not least we have to plan something for New Years Eve, we decide on a French restaurant for dinner to start the evening off. I type in 'restaurant' in the 'what' field and 'Paris' in the 'where' field. I also bring in the radius search to 20km to ensure the restaurant is near the heart of Paris. There are around 143 results. On the first page there is: http://restaurant-madeleine-c.tel .

I'm able to see the location on the map as well the address and phone number so I can call and book a table in advance. I also have a quick visit to the website address provided so I can take a look at the menu and other details.

So that's my Christmas break sorted and the end of my adventures for this year. Happy holidays everyone and best wishes for the New Year

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